.Effect of Collected Rainwater on Crop Growth in Greenhouses with in the Erbil Province of Iraq

Jwan J. Abdullah , and Farhad H. Aziz



This study examined the physical and chemical characteristics of rainwater from 15 sites in Kurdistan- Iraq between March and April 2009 and compared the growth of crop plants (Triticum duarium, Lens esculenta, Cicer arietinum and Bracica oleraceae) using rainwater. Results were analyzed using a factorial experiment which was replicated three times using a randomized design set-up. Results revealed that plant growth varied with 22.89 ± 3.54 cm recorded at the Bahirk’s village site and 5.33 ± 0.764 cm recorded at the Erbil Kirkuk road site, respectively. Fresh shoot dry weight ranged between 1.181 ± 0.054 gm and 0.023 ± 0.011gm; fresh root weight was between 1.38 ± 0.07 gm and root dry weight was 0.0519 ± 0.021 gm respectively. Determination of nutrient content of rainwater revealed that N-3, P-3, K+, and Na+ concentrations ranged between (6.98 - 3.53; 2.28 - 2.17; 106.51 - 38.41; and 19.55 - 12.94) mg/L, respectively. Results revealed that rainwater can be applied for agricultural purposes as plant characteristics and the nutrient content did not fundamentally change when compared with use of Tab water.

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