.Numerical Taxonomic Study of Marrubium L. (Lamiaceae) in Egypt

Ream I. Marzouk, S. M. El-Darier, Iman H. Nour and Sania A. Kamal



A numerical taxonomic study, using 137 macro- and micromorphological characters, SDS-PAGE and RAPD analyses of Marrubium (M. alysson and M. vulgare) has been achieved. The OTU’s of M. vulgare are discriminated through various attributes, besides four biotypes within M. alysson. Throughout the usage of RAPD analysis, both M. vulgare and OTU 31 of M. alysson are segregated together in the dendrogram. Therefore, the present study recommended the allocation of OTU 31 of M. alysson at higher rank than biotype. In the intervening time, Marrubium species and its biotypes must be listed as endangered taxa and efforts must be intensified for their protection.

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