Allelopathic effect of saponins isolated from Trigonella hamosa L. and Solanum lycopersicum L. on germination and growth of Allium cepa L.

Usama A. Mahalel



The allelopathic effect of saponins isolated from methanolic extract of Trigonella hamosa and Solanum

lycopersicum (donor species) on germination and growth of Allium cepa (recipient species) was

investigated in this study. Results revealed that saponins significantly inhibited seed germination and

plumule growth rate of Allim cepa. Germination percentages of seeds treated with high concentration of

S. lycopersicum and T. hamosa saponins (0.5 %) were 46 % and 40%, respectively, with a significant

negative correlation (p< 0.05). Inhibition of growth rate was more noticed in case of seedlings treated

with S. lycopersicum saponins than that treated with T. hamosa saponins. The relationship between the

variation in saponins concentration and both germination and growth rate of A. cepa seedlings was

significant (p< 0.05) as evaluated by ANOVA analysis. 

Keywords: Allelopathy, saponins, Solanum lycopersicum, Trigonella hamosa, Allium cepa, growth,


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