Post-vaccination studies on mice vaccinated against uropathogenic Escherichia coli

Samira R. Mansour, Mohammed S. Elshahedy, Tarik E. Rabie, Hamdy A. Fetaih , Jamil M.A.S. Obaid



Vaccination is one of the most important strategies for fighting infection. The efficiency of vaccination is

determined by many tests that evaluate the immune response vaccine elicit. Here Uropathogenic E. coli

vaccines were evaluated by challenge test, indirect haemagglutination test, histopathology, haematology

and biochemistry measurements. The results indicate to the benefit of inactivated polyvalent whole cell

vaccine and adjuvant-use in immunopotentiation of vaccine. Many measures were used as a good

indication and correlated to effectiveness of vaccine as post–vaccination antibody titer, total leukocytic

count, neutrophil percent and total protein. Also the histopathology results for dead mice give clear clue

to the interpretation of challenge test results.


Key words: albumin, antibodies, leukocytes, monovalent, polyvalent, protein, vaccine.

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