Effect of temperature on egg development and life table of Chrotogonus homalodemus (Blanchard, 1836) (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae)

Nawal M. Zohdy, Khalid M. Abdel Rahman, Nermeen R. Amer



Construction of a life table is a simple method for keeping track of births, deaths and reproduction for insect life tables, parameters are basically calculated by recording death and births within a population on a daily basis from the time that the first egg of an insect is born to the time that all of the insects regardless of their development die. Chrotogonus homalodemus is a grasshopper pest of seedlings in north and east Africa and in south Asia. This study indicated that the effect of constant temperature on the egg hatchability of C. homalodemus resulted in threshold temperature 150C. Life table of C. homalodemus was conducted and analyzed in outdoor conditions. The data also revealed that adult males metamorphosed from the sixth instar while some of adult females metamorphosed from seventh instar. Second and fourth developmental instars of C. homalodemus of the 1st generation and first, second and fourth instars of the 2nd generation may be the best target for the application of control measures.

Key words: Egg development, Life table, Pyrgomorphidae, Temperature.

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