(Efficacy of two plants leaves powders on adults of Tribolium confusum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) and Sitophilus zeamais (Coleoptera: Curculionidae

Aida S. Kamel and Olfat M. El Monairy1



This study was conducted to investigate insecticidal potency of two plants leaves powder including Moringa oleifera, (Moringaceae) and Trianthema portulacastrum (Aizoaceae) against the adults of maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais) and the confused flour beetle Tribolium confusum on wheat grains. The powders were incorporated into 20 g of wheat grains assessed in term of mean mortality percent. Mortality of S. zeamais and T. confusum depended on the plant powder concentrations and exposure time. It can be concluded that adults of S. zeamais were more susceptible than T. confusum to the two leaves powders. The results showed that 100% mortality of S. zeamais was observed when treated with concentrations (5, 10 and 25 w/w) of M. oleifera after the 6th day of treatment with LC50 equals 1.2 w/w and at concentration 2.5 w/w reached 91.67 % during the same period of exposure. On the other hand, mortality of T. confusum was 46.33% at the highest concentration (25 w/w) after the tenth day of treatment. In addition, the results concluded that T. portulacastrum was more toxic on S. zeamais than T. confusum. Mortality of S. zeamais was 100% when treated with T. portulacastrum after the 6th day of treatment with LC50 equals 2.4 w/w at the highest concentration (25 w/w) and it was 96.66, 70.0 and 61.67 % at concentrations 10, 5 and 2.5 w/w, respectively. While fifty six percent of mortality was observed on T. confusum at the highest concentration after 10 days post treatment.

Key words: Moringa oleifera, Sitophilus zeamais, Tribolium confusum, Trianthema portulacastrum.


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