Economically, Sinai is one of the most important axis for development a desertb land in Egypt, Therfore reclamation and cultiviation are two main activities for local inhabitants. this book is foucusing on the soil fertility in sinai peninsula, showing the importance of soil quailty of sinai`s land, and multi-purposes of land ...

Population of Moringa peregrina Growing in southern sinai, Egypt
This book addresses the ecology, age dating , and demography of Moringa peregrina, as an important but threatened medicinal plant species growing in sinai, It is one of the most important trees in bedouin`s life in deserts of egypt and middle east. natural populations of  M. peregrina suffer multiple stresses lead to decrease in their sizes and number.this book include a very inclusive background and review on Moringa and a description of climate and land use of sinai where m.peregrina ...more
CATRINA, Aims and Scope
CATRINA, The International Journal of Environmental Sciences is published in English by the Egyptian Society for Environmental Sciences. CATRINA publishes research works covering all aspects of Ecology and environmental sciences and concerning evaluation, use and conservation of natural resources.   Contributions are drawn from different disciplines including: Biology Botany Zoology Ecology Climatology Geology Hydrogeology Geography Remote sensing ...more
The Egyptian Society for Environmental Sciences
The Egyptian Society for Environmental Sciences (ESES) concern with activating the co-operation between the university staff from all the faculties and  improving their skills, So the ESES Society with the co-operation of DAAD Academy held two training courses "Project management " and "research management"  during 26 and 27 November 2012. the two courses was lectured by Dr/ Mona El-tobgui , the Assistant Professor Child Health at National Research Centre, and Senior Advisor of ...more