Population of Moringa peregrina Growing in southern sinai, Egypt

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Writer: Dr. Abdel Raouf Moustafa, Mohamed Zaghloul and Mohamed Dadamouny

This book addresses the ecology, age dating , and demography of Moringa peregrina, as an important but threatened medicinal plant species growing in sinai, It is one of the most important trees in bedouin`s life in deserts of egypt and middle east. natural populations of  M. peregrina suffer multiple stresses lead to decrease in their sizes and number.this book include a very inclusive background and review on Moringa and a description of climate and land use of sinai where m.peregrina naturally growing. age dating of the trrees in different wadi systems in sinai is addressed. Attention was paid also to the different environmental factors controlling the growth of m. peregrina and its main habitats in the south sinai. the work is supported with a species list of associating species and a number of photos showing the threats affecting the occurrence of the tree. knowledge gaind from this work is very helpful in bringing this valuable species into cultivation on large scale in desert ecosystems.

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