CATRINA Journal Volume6

ISSN ISSN 1687-5052




Volume 6, Issue 1

Fitness of Three Ballota Species (Lamiacea) Growing in Saint Catherine Protectorate, Egypt.

Mohamed S. Zaghloul and Abdel Raouf A. Moustafa

Land Suitability for Afforestation and Nature Conservation Practices Using Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques

Mohamed Elhag

Nutritive evaluation of some range plants species in the Western Mediterranean desert of Egypt

Hassan F. EL-Kady, Mohamed A. El-Beheiry*, and Ahmed S. Abdel Wahab

Micropropagation for conservation of two rare Capparis species from Egypt

Ghada A. Hegazi1, Saad R. Eid1, Abd El Monem M. Sharaf2

Micropropagation of Rumex vesicarius L. Through Shoot Tip Culture

Abo El-soud I.H., AL-azab, A.A., Koriesh, E.M., and Atta-Alla, H. K *

An Ecological Study on Two Geophytes: Asparagus stipularis Forssk. and Asphodelus aestivus Brot. in the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt

Mamdouh S. Serag1, Abdel-Hamid A. Khedr, Amina Z. Abo El-Naga and Reda A. Abo-Moustafa

Impact of Some Anthropogenic Activities on the Diversity of Resident Bird Species at Damietta Region, Egypt

Basma M. Sheta1, Gamal M. Orabi3, Mohamed A. Bedir2, Mohamed M. El-bokl1 and Lotfi Z. Habbk1

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