CATRINAJournal Volume 15

ISSN ISSN 1687-5052



Effects of Heavy Metals (Copper, Cobalt and Lead) on the Growth and Photosynthetic pigments of the Green Alga Chlorella pyrenoidosa H. Chick

Soad M. Mohy El-Din

Ecological Prominence of Juniperus phoenicea L. Growing in Gebel Halal, North Sinai, Egypt

Abdelraouf A. Moustafa, Mohamed S. Zaghloul, Raafat H. Abd El-Wahab, Dina H. Alsharkawy, Mona A. Ismail and Ashraf A. Salman

Ions Relationships between Plant and Soil under Hot Desert Conditions

K.A. Farghali and Abeer A. El-Aidarous

Ecological Study on Wild Vegetation of Palm Fields across some Oases in Western Desert, Egypt

Maha Mohamed Alshamy

Identification of Bacillus Thuringiensis Isolated from Different Sources by Biolog GEN III System and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Hend Abdulhameed Hamedo

Relationship between Vegetation and Soil Seed Bank at Protected Versus Unprotected Sites at Coastal Habitats in Libya

Elsayed Nafea

New probe of lanthanide complex for detection some of nucleobase, nucleosides and nucleotides, by the luminescent Tb (III) - 8-allyl-2-oxo-2 H-chromene-3-carbaldehyde probes

Hassan A. Azab, Gasser M. Khairy , N. Abd El-Ghany, Marwa. A.Ahmed

In Vitro Screening of Different Potato Genotypes for Heat Stress Tolerance

F.H. Mohamed, K.E. Abd El-Hamed, M.W.M. Elwan, N.A.El-Magawry, and M.M. Abd El-Salam

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