CATRINA Journal Volume 14

ISSN 1687-5052



.Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in some Fishes from Jizan Area, Southern Red Sea

Mohammed M. Al-Mohanna

.Allelopathic management of the noxious weed; Phalaris minor Retz. growing in Triticum aestivum L. fields

Amani A. Abdel-Latif , Salama M. El-Darier and Ahlam A. Khalifa

.Hypoglycemic and Cytotoxic Effects of the Brown Alga Cystoseira Trinodis and the Blue-Green Alga Microcystis Aeruginosa Extracts

Mohamed A. Deyab, Ahmed K. El- Sayed, Ayman Hyder, Mamdouh Abdel-Mogib and Seham E. Abu Ahmed

.Effect of Collected Rainwater on Crop Growth in Greenhouses with in the Erbil Province of Iraq

Jwan J. Abdullah , and Farhad H. Aziz

Floristic Composition and Vegetation Analysis and Species Diversity of Some Brassica Species Associates in North of Nile Delta Region, Egypt

Ibrahim A. Mashaly, Mohamed Abd El-Aal and Nazzar K. Dawood

Variation for Fruit Morphological, Chemical and Seed Physical Traits in Three Cucurbita pepo L. Genotypes

Khalid E. Abd El-Hamed

Spatial variation in long-term population change detection of Acacia tortilis subsp. raddiana in arid environment using RS and GIS

Abdelraouf A. Moustafa, Raafat H. Abd El-Wahab, Tarek A. seleem, Mohamed S. Zaghloul, and Ayman E. Abdel hamid

Invitro Heterosis for Osmotic Relative Tolerance in Wheat

Eman I. El-Sarag, Mohammed S. Battah and Hany M. Hassan

Seasonal Abundance of the Important Scale Insects and Mealybugs and Their Natural Enemies on Mango Trees at Ismailia Governorate

Aida H. Mokhtar, Saber M. Moussa, Ahmed H. Abo-Ghalia and Atef M. Sayed

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