CATRINA Journal Volume 8

ISSN ISSN 1687-5052



volume 8, Issue 1.


Synthesis and Reaction of Some Thiazole  derivatives.

El-sakka et al. 1


Monitiring of Chloride concentration in ground water of skeet and thomania areas, misurata, libya: correlation with some physical parameters.

Al.assawi et al. 5

Spectroscopic studies for the interaction of Eu(3)-3-oxo-3H-benzo-(f)chromene-2-carboxvlic Acid with Nucleosides or DNA.

Azab et al.   11

Pollen Grains Indication to Plant Habitat conditions at some arid regions sadat area egypt.

salman A.A.& Azzazy M.F.  21

Improving irrigation Schedules and Identify Standarda by Using KATENA Model.

Ali M. M. 29

Dissolved nitrogen survery in groundwater resources in Al-ULa village, Madina El Monawara, Saudi Arabia

Toumi et al. 35

Water Quality Assessment in the Nile River, Damietta Branch, Egypt

Badr et al. 41

Elements Accumulation and Nutritive value of phragmites Australis(cav.) trin. ex steudel in lake Burullus: A Ramar site, Egypt.

Al-Sodany el al. 51

Physicochemical properties and molecular mechanics of some thiohydantion derivatives complexes.

Abd El-Fattah el al.  65


Ameliorating role of nitric oxide in derminating mung bean seeds (vigna radiata) under lead stress.

Aly H.E.M    75

Triticum aestivum L. and vicia faba L. as bioindicators of dust pollution Near an Industial complex at El-Amryya, Alexandria, Egypt.

El- Darier S. M.& El-Sayed M.  87

Comparative histological and Ultrastructural studies on lung of the egyptian hoopoe(Upupa epops major) and the european Hoope(Upupa epops epops)

El-Bakary el al. 101

Paraoxonase Activity as a Biochemical Indicator of Dyslipidaemia in Diabetes mellitus type 2 and ischerm heart Disease

Ismail et al.   17

Paraoxonase Activity In Cirrhotic And Non Alcoholic steatohepatitis patients

Hassan et al.  115

Synthesis and Reactions of Some Thiazole Derivatives

Sahar S. A. El-Sakka*, Mohamed H. A. Soliman and Rokaia S. A. Abdullah

Monitoring of chloride concentration in ground water ofSekket and Thomina areas, Misurata, Libya: correlation with some physical Parameters

Ibrahim M Al.assawi*,FatmaS .Eldurrutt, AliAlssammoandRabeehAlcrami

Spectroscopic Studies for the Interaction of Eu(III)- 3-oxo-3H-benzo-[f]chromene-2- Carboxylic Acid with Nucleosides, Nucleotides or DNA

Hassan A. Azab 1, Belal H.M. Hussein 1, Walid Fathalla 2 and Sherin Arabi

Pollen Grains Indicators to Plant Habitat Conditions at Some Arid Regions Sadat Area Egypt

Ashraf A. Salman. 1* and Mohamed. F. Azzazy 2

Improving irrigation Schedules and Identify Standards By Using KATENA Model

Mahmoued M. Ali

Dissolved Nitrogen Survey in Groundwater Resources in Al-Ula village, Madina El Monawara, Saudi Arabia

Naji Toumi1*, Belal H. M. Hussein2, Sarra rafrafi1 and Neama kassas1

Water Quality Assessment in the Nile River, Damietta Branch, Egypt

El-Sayed A. Badr1*, Mervat A. El-Sonbati1 and Hossam M. Nassef 2

Elements Accumulation and Nutritive Value of Phragmites Australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steudel in Lake Burullus: A Ramsar site, Egypt

Yassin M. Al-Sodany1, Mohamed A. El-Sheikh2*, Dina M. Baraka3 and Kamal H. Shaltout4

Physicochemical Properties and Molecular Mechanics of Some Thiohydantoin Derivatives Complexes.

Mohy El-Din Abd El-Fattah1*, Aida H. Soliman1 and Omayma E. A. Mohammed2

Ameliorating Role of Nitric Oxide in Germinating Mung Bean Seeds (Vigna Radiata) Under Lead Stress

Hala Ezzat Mouhamed Aly

Comparative Histological and Ultrastructural Studies on Lung of The Egyptian Hoopoe (Upupa epops major) and The European Hoopoe (Upupa epops epops)

Neveen E. R. El-Bakary ¹, Adel A. Ibrahim2, Gamal A. Abd-Allah ¹, Sobhy E. Hasab El-Naby 3 and Lamiaa E. Deef 1

Paraoxonase Activity as a Biochemical Indicator of Dyslipidaemia in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and Ischemic Heart Disease

Aziza Ismail 1, Mohamed Fathallah M. Hassan2, Mohy eldin Abdelfattah 2, Fathallah M. Hassan 3

Paraoxonase Activity in Cirrhotic and Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis Patients

Mohamed Fathallah M. Hassan1, Mohy eldin Abdelfattah2, Aziza Ismail3, Fathallah M. Hassan4

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